CRM Watchlist 2012 Winners – Social Makes Mainstream Moves

CRM Watchlist 2012 Winners – Social Makes Mainstream Moves

The focus given to Attensity in this recent CRM watchlist article is well-deserved. For companies out there looking to move beyond  Radien6, Attensity does just that.
Their CRM solution offers a government-grade level of analysis to all types of companies. This platform was built for depth and breadth of reporting from multiple channels as well as the power to convert big data into actionable reporting. I would wager that as businesses deal with the emergence of HIPPA and other privacy regulations within the social network space Attensity will be right on top of the data requirements necessary to ensure compliance.
When dealing with a choice as complex as CRM it is important to carefully review the field for options that make sense now and in five years for the simple reason that changing CRMs five years in can be a tremendous cost in labor and cash.

Author Carol Glennon